Increasing revenue from ticketing significantly

Premium tickets sold
Increase in sales revenue

Lucerne festival is one of the first clients to use Future Demand's platform and showed from the start that the campaigns can eliminate uneccessary risk of unsold ticket inventory for their summer festival. The approach was and still is more than two times effective than conventional online marketing campaigns.

Supporting famous Lucerne Summer Festival

Lucerne Festival is a Swiss and internationally renowned institution when it comes to classical music. The acclaimed Summer Festival is "the" stage for artists and orchestras from all over the world. However, with live concert events seeing new forms of competition not only from other new live-experiences and leisure activities, but also digital forms of entertainment, Lucerne Festival sought out the opportunity to increase attendance for their events. As such, they decided to work with Future Demand as one of our first clients.

Taking the risk out the schedule

Our common journey started in 2019, when Lucerne Festival launched campaigns for four different events of their summer festival season on the Future Demand platform. All campaigns were running on paid social media channels, and each event had in common that it was at risk of having some unsold ticket inventory leftover, letting this additional revenue slip away from our client.

Thousands of addtional tickets sold

Despite these being some of the first campaigns ever ran on the Future Demand platform, the results were really convincing and proved what we already knew - our innovative approach was really effective. With our help, Lucerne Festival sold more than 4,000 additional premium tickets for the four events and generated a six-digit increase in sales revenue. Return on advertising spend accumulated over all campaigns rose to >12:1, which is two times more efficient than industry-standard online marketing campaigns.