Backhaul is the easy and efficient way to run email marketing campaigns. Send customised messages, foster a persisting bond to customers and win back your audience repeatedly through continuous engagement.

Better messaging. Stronger bonds. Higher engagement.

Automate Segmentation

Creating customer segmentation for email or direct mail campaigns is time-consuming, leading to many campaigns without proper segmentation. Different targeting modes make it easy to decide whether you want to reach a narrower or broader group of people with each campaign.

Be relevant

Your audience's attention is valuable. Ensuring that people only receive messages about things they care about keeps them engaged. Clients report 33% higher open rates when targeting with our Taste Cluster technology in Backhaul.

Customise messaging

People are interested in the same events for different reasons. Backhaul makes it easy to customize messaging in campaigns and tailor them to the interests of each taste cluster.

Find the right offer and message for each customer

Good customer segmentation is hard work. AI can do it for you today. You decide what to promote and focus on crafting a great email, Future Demand delivers the audience segment for it and what they need to hear about your event to convince them to buy a ticket. Clients see 33% higher email open rates and hours of time saved, every time.

Choose what to promote

Select all the events you want to promote, either a single performance or show, all the events in a subscription package, or next month's outlook.

Get audience segments

Our platform provides audience segments and topic recommendations so you know what to write to each segment. No manual analysis or segmentation required.

Send fantasticly tailored emails

Download customer segments and use them in your existing email marketing solution. Because nobody wants to set up another one.

We simplify the complex, empowering you to focus on crafting exceptional moments. Join a journey where innovation and seamless execution converge, redefining the way you achieve event success.

Next-level email marketing

Backhaul is your line directly to all your customers. Whether it is about engaging with your most loyal fans, strengthening the bond to interested followers or retain contact with indecisive visitors.

It enables smart and automated email marketing that supports sales of your events. One specific use case is the personalisation of newsletters to promote concerts, shows, games, and many more. The innovative Taste Cluster technology ensures that the individual recommendations are always relevant and hit the interests of the recipients. Whether it is the systematic promotion of a bundle or the sale of subscriptions, with Backhaul there is no need to ask yourself anymore who the right person for your message could be.

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Future Demand is software for concert and sports promoters that aggregates millions of data points to predict attendance, increase sales for events, and makes marketing teams up to 10x faster.

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