Wave automates performance marketing campaigns for more tickets and new customers - in less than 15 minutes. Increase occupancy of events by 20%, at 60% lower advertising costs.

More Insights. Better planning. Lower risk.

Ticket sales

Campaigns optimized to sell tickets through FD increase individual ticket sales by an average of 20%. This translates into better economics, fuller venues and thousands of additional fans.

Campaign efficiency

Our Taste Cluster technology delivers the greatest improvement in campaign efficiency for advertisers. Interest based targeting is 50% more efficient than traditional methods such as tracking based technologies.

Asset testing

Our platform takes the guesswork out of ad creation. By automatically creating up to 100 ads per campaign and testing up to 10 images and over 25 text combinations, the platform identifies which combination resonates with potential customers and automatically optimizes each campaign accordingly.

Your unfair advantage

With AI, your marketing team will outperform the industry. Deliver better campaigns in a fraction of the time. Reach more diverse audiences and sell more tickets.

Identify event with sales potential

With hundreds of shows, it can be difficult to decide how much marketing budget to allocate to each show. Reliable forecasts and industry benchmarks can help you decide where to invest.

Setup in 15 minutes

Fine-tune and approve budget, duration, campaign objective and leverage AI with Future Demand CoCreate to be inspired with tailored messages for each audience. Reduce setup time by 90% and create up to 150 ads per campaign to test assets, resulting in best-in-class performance.

Fire and forget

Our platform analyses, optimises and evaluates every campaign, every ad set and every ad on a daily basis. By scoring every ad variation every day, it ensures that only the best performing ads are kept active and budgets are shifted to them. If performance targets are not met or your events are sold out, the campaign is automatically deactivated and you receive a notification.

Only three steps and 15 min to run a campaign

Identify event with sales potential
Finetune and approve budget, runtime and campaign goal
Automate ads creation with CoCreate

FD does everything else…


Taste Cluster

Identifying which audiences are most likely to buy a ticket and why is key. FD's Taste Cluster technology identifies reasons to buy and automatically creates audiences to target on relevant advertising platforms.

Asset Testing

Hundreds of ads in seconds

Our system creates sophisticated test setups with up to hundreds of different versions of ads. These differences help us to test which headline, primary text, image, video or link works for which audiences for the best efficiencyand impact.


Campaign Setup

There are hundreds of parameters that can be set when setting up a campaign on Meta's ad platform. Setting up a complex campaign structure can take time. Our platforms automate this process so that you do not have to spend this time or know what the best setting for each parameter is.


Campaign Optimisation

Reviewing ads, audiences, assets and delivery over weeks can be time consuming. Our platform evaluates every ad every day and disables those that are underperforming. And if a campaign is under performing, we automatically tweak or pause it to protect your budget.


Custom Attribution

What was the impact of your last campaign? How much incremental revenue did it generate? With Apple's ATT and et al, answering this question is much more complicated today. FD includes an industry-specific custom attribution model to calculate the impact of each campaign on sales.

We simplify the complex, empowering you to focus on crafting exceptional moments. Join a journey where innovation and seamless execution converge, redefining the way you achieve event success.

Automated efficient online marketing campaigns

Does creating highly targeted and effective marketing campaigns in under 15 minutes sound impossible to you? Wave will prove you wrong.

Wave delivers personalised offers that are precisely tailored to customer's interests and behaviours. This allows you to increase sales of individual tickets, subscriptions, or fan articles and to inspire more new customers. Campaigns carried out with Wave are more than twice as efficient as industry-standard online marketing campaigns and save you up to 90% of your time and up to 60% of your advertising budget.

Bespoke messaging, better results

Wave identifies the right people, provides the right message and selects the right touch points. Candidates for specific events or products are determined according to their interests and habits. The Taste Cluster technology suggests keywords for the advertising message that addresses these interests and stimulates a purchase. The ads are placed where the selected person likes to be and is receptive to information.

Campaigns created with Wave are perfect to promote lower-demand events and increase their attendance. For every concert, show, play or games there is an interested audience, you just need to target it. Wave can therefore not only rely on your existing customers but also increase your new customer share substantially.

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