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Join leading organisations of all sizes who are using Future Demand to identify customers' real interests, boost social media campaigns, predict demand, automate customer segmentation and improve marketing efficiency - powered by AI.

Three AI-powered applications that automate everyday tasks

Tailored to a very specific industry

Understanding demand and interest in the performing arts, concerts, shows and events is different from most other industries. Future Demand is tailored to the specific needs of concert and event organisers in the live entertainment and performing arts sectors.

Performing Arts

Every performance, concert and production is unique and requires intelligent marketing that highlights its individual characteristics. Our technology is designed to serve diversity and find interested visitors for all events.

Concerts & Shows

For concert and show organisers, the primary goal is to make events profitable. Reliable economic planning and a well-thought-out pricing model are essential. With Future Demand's occupancy forecasting, ticket demand can be accurately predicted up to two years in advance. Intelligent marketing campaigns accompany you through the entire pre-sale period. With us, you stand out: We reach the right people with the right message at the right time.

Fairs & Conferences

The exhibition and conference market is highly competitive. Reaching your target audience can be a challenge. With Future Demand, you can reach not only your existing audience, but more importantly, new audiences.

Sport clubs

Attracting fans against the backdrop of an ever-increasing choice of events and digital offerings is becoming increasingly difficult. Sponsors face the challenge of remaining visible in this context. Our software can be used to target fans and create offers to activate digital rights for sponsors.

We have been using Future Demand as a campaign tool for social ads for over two months and are very satisfied with the results so far. The support is always easy to reach, extremely nice and helpful!

Lina-Luzie Hemmer
Marketing @ Schmidts Tivoli

Thanks to the comprehensive and responsive support, our Future Demand campaigns are becoming better and more routine. The use of the software is intuitive and efficient thanks to its integration with our existing systems. We have already achieved some great results with Future Demand.

Anne-Kathrin Topp
Managing Director @ J.S. Bach St. Gallen AG

The Future Demand app allows us to make surprisingly accurate predictions about the attendance trends of our events. Campaigns can be created with little effort and tailored to specific audiences. The tool is easy to use and the support is impeccable.

Bettina Jaggi
Head of Marketing & digital Development @ Lucerne Festival

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Too many tasks? AI to the rescue

We believe that AI can make you much more efficient and effective. There are more and more tasks that machines can do faster, more efficiently and more accurately, such as segmenting audiences for an email campaign or optimising a campaign on Meta.

Accurate Attendance Projections

Predict demand for your shows years in advance with industry-leading accuracy to reduce risk and optimize programming schedules.

Increase single ticket sales

Increase sales with outstanding, automated social media campaigns in less than 15 minutes.

AI campaign management

Automated campaign management, powered by AI with automated text generation and AI campaign optimisation.

Effortless Email Campaigns

Automate customer segmentation for targeted email campaigns, ensuring efficiency and personalized engagement based on individual interests

Our clients have seen a 20% increase in attendance, a 30% increase in email open rates and a 40% increase in campaign efficiency - all while saving hours each week. Focus on what you do best, decide and then let Future Demand manage the execution.

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