Join us and rethink a whole industry

Join us on our path. We're enabling promoters to offer more personalised and tailored experiences and want to free them from the burden of tedious manual processes. We believe in the power of automating recurring things. We're always looking for better and more efficient ways to do our work. We believe in the power of a fact based and data-driven open company culture.

Team members
From four continents

I enjoy being a part of a company, that is an industry leader. We provide great value to our customers all around the world and we have a great impact on the live entertainment industry. 

Product Manager

Working at Future Demand is more than just a job, it's an inspiring journey of innovation and growth. As a product manger, I have the opportunity to collaborate with a talented and diverse team, each member brings their unique expertise to the table. Together, we brainstorm, strategize and execute cutting-edge solutions that make a real impact in the market.

Product Management

At Future Demand, we have the chance to challenge ourselves with a variety of tasks, not just in the technical realm but also in problem-solving. Moreover, we receive substantial support from managers who are patient and attentive listeners. Future Demand is a conducive environment for learning ownership, commitment and responsibility.

Software Engineer

I will always be thankful to Future Demand for believing in me. Implementing the best practices in the market to the software of the company has been a tough challenge that has made me grow a lot in my area.

Software Engineer

For me Future Demand is a place to learn, have a good time and work on an interesting product, and top it off with great benefits.

Data Scientist

Demand Generation should be as easy as setting up a Gmail account.SMEs should be able to identify and reach potential customers without the need for external marketing agencies or big teams. It should be possible for everyone to compete with corporations for customers and not be at mercy of any advertising channel.

Future Demand builds software for promoters and other companies to predict demand years in advance, increase sales for low-demand events or slow selling products and enable personalisation of customer touch points to increase conversation rates.

Data Science & Engineering

We love Data, Insights and Automation

We match the best engineers and data scientists to create an environment where you can develop data engineering and machine learning algorithms at scale.

We value Agile Principles and
Coding Craftsmanship

We automate to keep things simple and encourage learning and mastery all across the stack. We code in Python and Clojure and like to work with Docker containers. Our infrastructure is provisioned in code via Terraform and runs as containers on Amazon ECS. We value agile principles and coding craftsmanship and organise ourselves in small autonomous teams.

Sales & Customer Success

We build Relationships

Together we build long-term client relationships based on partnership. In doing so, you also expand your own network. Through close client support and the resulting feedback, the fruits of your work will be immediately visible.

We create Value for Customers

Due to the close connection with development and the joint work in our open-plan office, you will be closely involved in the development of our Future Demand platform. One of your core tasks is to pass on feedback from clients within the company.

What to Expect

Individual Working Hours

Self-determination is a high priority for us. We offer the possibility to work from home and in flexitime. Nevertheless, we appreciate to work physically together and to communicate face to face.

Top-Notch Equipment

We provide everything you need – laptop, monitors, keyboard, mouse… Everything that is needed for the best performance.

Comfortable & Healthy

We offer you state-of-the-art work equipment, large monitors, height-adjustable desks, cosy retreats and fresh fruits and drinks in our office.

Great Surroundings & Central Office

Easy reachable office near Ostbahnhof and Markhalle Neun with a wide range of reasonably priced lunch options nearby.

Mobility Support

We cover a substantial share of your public transportation ticket (Berlin AB) or cover your rate for a new JobRad. Just to make sure you like to come to the office.

Development and Learning

As we operate in a flat structure, you can get insights into other departments. There are always development opportunities. Moreover we offer a training budget to support your desire to learn something new.

How we get to know each other



Digital team add and skill assessment



30min - video call


Coding /case study

Coding challenge or case study - at your own time and pace


Interview with team

90-120min - Video or on-site in Berlin


Reference check

We ask you to introduce us to 2-3 former collegues and managers we can chat to

Future Demand is your partner of choice for demand prediction and increasing ticket sales. Let us show you how our tool can help you and your business!

Open Positions

While we don't have open positions right now, we're always keen to meet talented individuals. Don't hesitate to send us your CV. By connecting with our HR team, you'll be in the loop for future opportunities. We look forward to exploring potential paths with you.

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