future demand is the world's most powerful marketing platform for event organizers and sports clubs. Using artificial intelligence, we create an unprecedented understanding of why people attend your event!

Profit from the knowledge in your data

Fully automated, highly efficient marketing campaigns with results far above current best practice examples. Predict occupancy for future events with an accuracy level above 95%. Personalized website for each visitor and offer compelling offers for sponsors.

Benefit from the maximum of possibilities

Artificial Intelligence

Customer data and data on past events contain valuable information about the interests that led people to attend individual events.

Conventional ticketing systems can meaningfully evaluate a maximum of 1-2% of this data potential.

Our artificial intelligence decodes 100% of the data potential and thus creates an unprecedented data basis for future marketing decisions.

Millions of data lead to success

Our algorithms process millions of data points and uncover patterns of interest in your customers' buying behavior. These are called Taste Clusters. A Taste Cluster consists of several interests that are served by an event. An event attracts many different Taste Clusters.

Taste Cluster - A new understanding of target group

Interest-Based Targeting Beats Orthodox Approaches

A core part of our technology is a unique new way of targeting customers. Our Taste Clusters target people based on interests not on socio-demographics. This is more effective than traditional approaches of clustering people because concertgoers and sports fans come from every social class and age group.

future demand's privacy-focused Taste Cluster technology uses the key interests of different customer clusters to target them. The technology is GDPR compliant and up to 50% more efficient than any best practice approach using individual, personalised data.

future demand's platform creates addressable target groups and define their key interests in a specific event. This could be members of a band, a characteristic of the location, or the popularity of the individual artists. Our platform uses over 200 taste and interest-based features to describe Taste Clusters and calculates them for each of our clients.

Start a campaign in under 15 minutes

Performance Marketing Specialist
future demand platform


1 hour

future demand's prediction models enable you to identify lower demand events up to 2 years in advance, way ahead of potential data from box office sales. Now you can respond well in advance before lower sales have already occurred.

With an accuracy level of over 95% when forecasting sales, you can rely on our results to make decisions.


3-4 hours

future demand develops different campaign recommendations using Artificial Intelligence. Each recommendation targets one Taste Cluster. These clusters stand for different customer groups interested in your event.

Decide which campaign you want; following we recommend a budget, channel, and duration for each campaign. You define your marketing goals and confirm our budget proposal or adjust it.


1 hour
15 min

Using future demand's Creative Composer, you can draft several versions for your Ad with those keyword recommendations in 15min. We use this to automatically setup a sophisticated performance campaign, including an ad rotation set with up to 50 different versions of your ad.


2-3 hours

With our unique machine-learning models, you can now leverage historical performance data, optimising your spending throughout every running ad rotation set. Achieve up to 15% better results than the auto campaign optimisation features from Google and Facebook.

You don't have to worry about sudden changes which make it necessary to adapt your campaign strategies. We identify declining ad performance up to 7 days earlier than experienced performance marketing specialists, for you.

Are you ready to grow your revenue by 15%?

future demand is your partner of choice for demand prediction and business growth. Let us show you how our tool can help you and your business!

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Demand Prediction

Decide Earlier and With Certainty

Automatically predict attendance far in advance to be better prepared. future demand helps you make data driven decisions as early as your planning phase starts. You will be provided with accurate predictions of how many people will buy a ticket for each of your events  - up to 2 years in advance and long before on-sale.

Decide earlier about low demand events regarding planning and implementing marketing campaigns to achieve perfectly optimised results.

Sales Boost

Widen Your Audience

Sell More Tickets and services to suitable customer segments based on future demand’s Taste Clusters with superior Return on AdSpend (ROAS).

Choose Your Goal - focus on best ROAS, biggest audience or maximum tickets sold.

Adapt Budgets to Your Business: although we automatically recommend a fitting media budget for each event, you always keep control over budgets.

Advertise Merchandise to target groups with historically high spend on merchandise.

Content Expert

Deliver a More Personalised Experience to Your Customers

Deliver personalised event recommendations and content in your newsletter and mailings to insure your messages resonate with your audience and customers.

Tailor digital experiences to the behaviour and interest of your users by providing recommendations for events or streaming content within your app or website to increase retention and enable upsell potential.

Sponsoring Activation

Create Value for Sponsors

Define Sponsoring Goals with your Sponsor and compare said goals with your customer's Taste Clusters. future demand's platform will provide you and your sponsor with content recommendations.

Let your customer data work for your sponsor to enable him to proficiently reach his sponsoring goals.

Get Decision-Making Power

You Decide Where Tickets Are Sold

Become more independent from ticket providers. Campaigns using future demand's platform enable you to determine the customer journey yourself. By channeling demand you influence where additional audiences buy their tickets.

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