We create an unprecedented understanding of why people attend your event!

Artificial Intelligence - use of a key digital technology

Benefit from the maximum of possibilities

Customer data and data on past events gain valuable information about individual interests and motivations that led to the attendance of individual events. 

Conventional customer databases and ticketing systems can meaningfully evaluate a maximum of 1-2% of this data potential. 

Our artificial intelligence decodes 100% of the data potential and thus creates unprecedented knowledge about the purchase intentions and behaviours of potential visitors. This serves as the basis for future marketing decisions.

Make data work for you

Devote yourself to strategic and growth-oriented initiatives and let our algorithms take care of the analysis. future demand processes billions of data points foreach of your events in a matter of seconds. Our models recognize patterns in customer buying behaviour. We see target groups in the form of Taste Clusters: People with a handful of the same interests in events.

Taste Cluster - A new understanding of target group

future demand's interest-based targeting is far superior to conventional approaches.

A key component of our technology is a unique new way of targeting customers. OurTaste Clusters target people based on real interests rather than socio-demographic characteristics. This is more effective than traditional grouping approaches, since concertgoers and sports fans come from all social classes and age groups. 

Our privacy-focusedTaste Cluster technology uses the key interests of different customer groups to target them. The technology is GDPR compliant and up to 50% more efficient than any best practice approach that uses individual, personalised data.  

future demand's platform creates addressable audiences and defines their main interests in a particular event. This could be members of a band, a characteristic of the venue, or the popularity of individual artists. Our platform uses over 200 taste and interest-based features to describe Taste Clusters and calculates them for each of our clients.

Machine learning - How our models train with you.

With learned patterns, future demand's algorithms find your customers of tomorrow

Each past event is described with 1,000 characteristics

And matched with the buying behavior of a customer number

The fd algorithms find interest patterns = Taste Cluster

Each future event is described with 1,000 characteristics

Behavioral patterns from the past are adapted

The algorithms find people with great buying interest

Gaining new customers

We address interested people - regardless of whether they are already customers of yours

Our Taste Clusters are groups of people with the same interests. A Taste Cluster has followers all over the world and thus unites a very large group of people at its core. The limiting factor in events is the catchment area - but never the fact whether someone is already your customer. This fact leads to a remarkable percentage of new customers - up to 20% - especially at the beginning of a cooperation.

Do you also want to increase your turnover by 15%?

future demand is the partner of choice for demand forecasting and business growth.
We would be happy to demonstrate our software to you.

Do you want to significantly increase your capacity utilization?

future demand is your partner of choice for demand forecasting and business growth.
We would be happy to demonstrate our software to you.

Do you also want to inspire your sponsors with digital services?

future demand designs digital, meassurable offerings for sponsors.
We would be happy to demonstrate our software to you.

More independence from third parties

With us you regain your digital sovereignty

We support you in exercising your role in the digital world in a more self-determined manner and offer you exclusively 100% data protection-compliant products.  

Our fully automated online marketing campaigns run through your in-house ad accounts on FB, Google & Co. In contrast to agency solutions, where ad accounts are often outsourced and data is lost when the service provider is terminated, with us you keep your data and learnings from the campaigns you run in-house.  

With ourTaste Cluster technology, only interests and never socio-demographic data of existing customers are shared with advertising platforms like FB, Google & Co.

Your data remains your data.

Data protection is a fundamental principle for future demand.

✔ GDPR compliant
✔ Use of end-to-end encryption
✔ No disclosure of personal data
✔ Exclusively EU server locations (Frankfurt)

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