On a mission to bring back fans and audiences

We aspire to change the way the live-entertainment and sports event sectors reach their customers and sell their tickets and merchandise. Our SaaS product brings sales and marketing for event tickets to the digital age. This helps promoters to focus on their core competence, realising unique and amazing experiences for their customers.

Who we are

future demand is a young Berlin based company with a SaaS solution for predicting the future demand of events and digital services and help industry members reach their right customers and sell more. 

Like so many great organizations, future demand operates within the sectors that we have always been passionate about: music, sports and culture.

We are an innovative and visionary team of data gurus, software engineers, consultants, marketers and industry specialists, ready to revolutionise the live-entertainment and sports industry.

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What we believe in


We are convinced that ownership goes a long way: you grow in your work when the jointly defined tasks are really yours. We concentrate on your strengths. A strong feedback culture and flat hierarchies serve you and your development at future demand.

Experiment to learn

We offer the optimal space to effectively use and develop your skills. Experienced coaches and helpful colleagues provide you with an optimal safety net in our experimental environment, enabling you to achieve a steep learning curve.

Together is better

A culture of collaboration, honesty and tolerance is important for us. Become a member of our diverse and international team, in which people from eight nations work together.

What we do

We bridge the existing digital gap of promoters by enabling them to reach high potential customers with an automated, highly efficient and superior SaaS-Platform without the need to build up performance marketing teams.

future demand's platform brings sales and marketing for event tickets and merchandising to the digital era. We match millions of external data points using state-of-the-art machine learning to generate insights that can be used to automate everyday marketing tasks.

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Our daily goals

Be Bold...

and embrace new and unorthodox ideas. We challenge the status quo and establish solutions. We solve new questions with new solutions and find better working answers to old problems. We do this by focusing on impact and a fresh look from a new point of view. We are prepared to take risks.

Be Focused...

and resolve critical pain points for our clients. We focus on the important and urgent problems and challenges. Solve the hard problems for them, and don’t waste their  time with easy fixes. We share the belief that this is the best way to deliver the highest possible client satisfaction in the long run. 

Be Dependable...

and be a reliable partner for every stakeholder. We prove that by delivering on our commitments on time. We stay true to our values and communicate openly, transparently and honestly about what we do. 

Be Passionate...

about the industry and our clients’ events, services and products in the same way as  they are. They deliver unique experiences, and we share the passion for the once-in-a-lifetime moments and emotions which are connected to music and sports. We transfer this passion on to our products and services to help our clients deliver even better experiences for their customers and fans every day.

Are You Ready to Grow Your Revenue by 15%?

future demand is your partner of choice for demand prediction and increasing ticket sales. Let us show you how our tool can help you and your business!

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Effects of the Covid-19 pandemic

During the Covid-19 pandemic we assume that industry members have had to cut their marketing budgets, however, advertising in difficult times is still necessary. Therefore advertising should be better targeted and more optimised, effective and personalised. At the basis of this is knowing your customers better, gaining more consumer insight to reach them in a more efficient and cost-effective way.

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How can future demand help you?

We detect interest, reach the right audience and fans with more engaging content and increase sales with automated marketing campaigns based on Artificial Intelligence.

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