Starting the new season in front of a big crowd

Increase in attendance
Additional sales revenue

Get the ball rolling with future demand

For the 2021/22 Bundesliga season, future demand paired with one of Germany's top soccer clubs. After a strong finish in the last season, everybody at the club was excited about the new season, which is going to feature, inter alia, the third appearance of the team in the UEFA Champions League. Another cause for joy was the upcoming and overdue reunion with their fans in the home arena because of pandemic-related restrictions widely being lifted. At any rate, those responsible didn’t just want to sit around hoping for the best. That's why they decided to launch campaigns with future demand.

The campaigns addressed one of the bigger games early in the new Bundesliga season and ran for approximately two weeks. Together with future demand, the club decided to use the Facebook advertising network, which aimed mainly at increasing ticket sales for the match.

In the end, attendance for the Bundesliga game was increased by approximately 10% through the campaigns launched via the future demand platform. This meant more than 750 additional tickets sold and a solid 5-digit extra revenue. The return on ad spend for the campaigns was 9.4:1 overall. Fortunately, the joint work led not only to a bigger crowd, which the club truly deserved, but also proved that the future demand platform can accomplish impressive results for the sports industry as well.

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