Coming back strong after a long down-time

People reached
Additional sales revenue
>16000 €

Overcoming re-start issues with future demand

Re-starting operations in early 2021 was proving difficult to a major German opera house, which was struggling to fill its venue after a long COVID caused shutdown. Despite only offering a limited capacity and ensuring a policy of extensive hygienic measures, visitors were not coming back to events as the opera house had hoped and also expected.

To boost ticket sales, the opera house decided to set up campaigns for two of their ballet performances on the future demand platform. The campaigns were displayed on Facebook and referred directly to the promoter's online ticket shop. The ads ran for seven days with a budget of a couple hundred euros.

Through the interest-based approach of future demand, both performances were completely sold out within this small time-frame. In total figures, this means over 300 additional tickets were sold during the campaign period generating five-digit figures worth of extra revenue. With our support, the opera house achieved an extraordinary return on advertising spend - even for our high standards, and overcame the difficulty of re-starting after a long down-time.

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