Make every customer interaction personal

Four next-generation applications power every interaction with your customers. Leverage data-driven insights and marketing in a easy to use software suite.

Sales Boost

Sell out shows with low demand

Sell more tickets and services to appropriate customer segments based on future demand's Taste Clusters with an unbeaten Return on Ad Spend.

Choose your goal - focus on maximum ROAS, largest audience or maximum tickets sold.

Match budgets to your business - while we automatically recommend an appropriate media budget for each event, you always retain control over costs.

Sales Boost

Industry leading efficient marketing campaigns in less than 10min


Identify events with potential


Define goal and confirm budget recommendation


Support our platform to define ad contents

Sales Boost

Our platform is not smarter than you, but it makes you so much better…


Time expenditure

compared to planning, implementation and support of conventional online marketing campaigns

-60 %


compared to conventional online marketing campaigns


more efficient

more than twice as powerful than industry standard online marketing campaigns

Demand Prediction

Make planning decisions with certainty

Know attendance figures for each event up to 24 months in advance to make better decisions. future demand helps you make data-driven decisions at the planning stage. Get accurate predictions of how many visitors will buy a ticket for each of your events.

Optimize your touring schedule with evaluating different dates, venues, regions or support acts - all before committing.

Demand Prediction enables you to tryout as many options as you want, without any effort at all.

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Content Expert

Offer personalised experiences to your customers

Offer your customers personalised event recommendations and content on your website, in your newsletters and mailings. This ensures that your messages resonate with your audience and your customers. 

Tailor digital experiences to your users' behaviours and interests by providing event recommendations or streaming content within your app or website. With personalised content, you increase customer engagement and activate upsell potential.

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Sponsorship Activation

Inspire sponsors with digital activation campaigns

Increase the appeal of sponsorships by offering digital activation of their rights. The additional offer and the higher reach increase the value of sponsoring and bind your partners through stronger integration.

Define sponsorship objectives with your partners and share information about your Taste Clusters. Once aligned with the sponsor's target groups, they too benefit from the automatic targeting of highly effective campaigns via the future demand platform. Successes become visible in automated results reporting.

Pricing that aligns with your goals

The pricing model takes into account ticket volume and usage intensity. The license is set depending on the number of tickets available for sale each year. Usage fees are based on ad spend or additional revenue.

FD Starter

Smaller regional promoter
  • Up to 50.000 available tickets p.a.
  • 1 user included
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FD Premium

Local promoters and clubs
  • Up to 200.000 available tickets p.a.
  • Custom-trained Taste Clusters
  • Phone and E-Mail support
  • On-site training session
  • 3 users included
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FD Business

National promoters and clubs
  • Up to 500.000 available tickets p.a.
  • Custom-trained Taste Clusters
  • Phone and E-Mail support
  • On-site onboarding
  • On-site training session
  • 5 users included
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FD Enterprise

Global promoters and clubs
  • Over 500.000 available tickets p.a.
  • Rights management (option)
  • Custom-trained Taste Cluster
  • Dedicated support agent
  • On-site onboarding
  • Yearly on-site training sessions
  • 10 users included
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