Better messaging. Stronger bonds. Higher engagement.
Backhaul is the easy and efficient way to run email marketing campaigns. Send customised messages, foster a persisting bond to customers and win back your audience repeatedly through continuous engagement.
A live-entertainment concert viewed from the audience


Smart email marketing campaigns can increase ticket and merchandise sales substantially through personalised newsletters and much more.


Foster a regular communication with your followers. Personal event recommendations that are tailored to customer interests will strengthen the bonds.

Win back

Some people come, some people go. Make winning back customers as easy and time-efficient as possible with the new way of email communication.

Select events

Having a little bit of trouble with an event stretch during the fall of the season? Just build a package of these concerts in FD's Backhaul and select how many different audiences you want to target. This is the starting point for your successful email marketing campaign.

Get Taste Cluster

Based on the selected events, Backhaul is able to recommend the most interested audiences. This also comes with a variety of different topic recommendations that are most appealing to these Taste Cluster. No need to ask yourself again whom to target with what message in your campaigns.

Guide messaging

Ready for your targeted email campaign? You can download the whole audience information for the event package and the individual events with just one click. This makes is easier than ever to set up and run your email campaigns on the platform of your choice.

Next-level email marketing

Backhaul is your line directly to all your customers. Whether it is about engaging with your most loyal fans, strengthening the bond to interested followers or retain contact with indecisive visitors.

It enables smart and automated email marketing that supports sales of your events. One specific use case is the personalisation of newsletters to promote concerts, shows, games, and many more. The innovative Taste Cluster technology ensures that the individual recommendations are always relevant and hit the interests of the recipients. Whether it is the systematic promotion of a bundle or the sale of subscriptions, with Backhaul there is no need to ask yourself anymore who the right person for your message could be.