More Insights. Better planning. Lower risk.
Lookout forecasts demand for individual events over two years in advance with 90% accuracy, reducing your risk. Optimise touring schedules and season programs based on millions of data points.
A live-entertainment concert viewed from the audience


The capacity utilisation of individual events up to entire tours and programs can be predicted up to two years in advance with an accuracy of 90-95%.


Every variable (location, time, participants, social program, etc.) has an impact on the success of the event. Small adjustments often make a big difference.


Reliable planning with automated control of the parameters and the possibility of readjustment. FD Lookout minimises the economic risk!

Ongoing sales trend

One single graph will illustrate all the important information of the sales trend for your event – updated every day. It combines information on the current tickets sold and an estimation on how your event performs against a top 10 benchmark of similar events.

Forecasts and benchmarking

The share of currently sold tickets is supplemented with a total attendance prediction for the day of the event. Get to know far in advance how many people will attend your event and whether increasing promotion may help you to achieve your sales targets.

Ticketing insights

If you ask for further information, Lookout will also provide detailed insights on certain sales aspects. This ranges from the sales share in different price and ticket categories to an overview of the top recommended Taste Clusters that are most interested in this specific event.

Data-driven support for every decision

Is putting on events ever without risk? Of course not. But the risk should be measurable, and based on facts and figures, not on hopes or habits.

Future Demand forecasts the capacity utilisation of your events very accurate and far in advance. For this purpose, your event is automatically assigned over 1,000 descriptive features. This includes highly differentiated descriptions of the program, the performers, the venue, the date, the competitive environment and much more. Even in the case of the same program being repeated for weeks or months, there are basically no two identical events in the eyes of Lookout.

Eliminate uncertainty from planning

Which cities, which venues, which dates, which support act? The success of a performance, concert, show or game depends on an almost unmanageable number of variables. Should I rather book artist A or artist B, is it worth it to book a bigger venue, and will the concert perform better on a weekday or on the weekend?

With the demand predictions from Lookout you stay ahead of all developments and can adjust the schedule accordingly. Evaluate all conceivable combinations upfront and eliminate unnecessary risks from your event calendar.