Better campaigns. More visitors. Higher revenue.
Wave automates performance marketing campaigns for more tickets and new customers - in less than 15 minutes. Increase occupancy of events by 20%, at 60% lower advertising costs.
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Higher single ticket sales

>9 Mio

Fans reached


Ads delivered

Single Tickets

Targeted promotion of single tickets, short, medium and long term. Fully automated approach to online marketing campaigns.


​Further development of existing customers into subscribers. People are targeted with the subscription proposal that matches their interest profile.


Efficient cross-selling approach. Merchandise is suggested according to the respective interest profile, e.g., in connection with an event visit.

Ticket sales potential

With Wave you have easy access to the performance of all your listed events. A daily updated potential estimation gives valuable insights on whether a specific event needs a sales boost via the Future Demand platform.

Campaign set up

The set up and execution of an online marketing campaign was never easier. Choose your campaign goal, select the budget and decide for the Taste Cluster that are going to be targeted. Wave gives recommendations but you remain in the driver seat all the time.

Topic recommendations

Based on the selected Taste Cluster, Wave recommends keywords for the message that hit the interests of the specific target group. Our keywords are as diverse as peoples interests and can cover certain artists, genres, venues, atmospheres and much more.

Only three steps and 15 min to run a campaign


Identify event with sales potential


Select campaign goal and budget recommendation


Build creatives in only minutes

Automated efficient online marketing campaigns

Does creating highly targeted and effective marketing campaigns in under 15 minutes sound impossible to you? Wave will prove you wrong. 

Wave delivers personalised offers that are precisely tailored to customer's interests and behaviours. This allows you to increase sales of individual tickets, subscriptions, or fan articles and to inspire more new customers. Campaigns carried out with Wave are more than twice as efficient as industry-standard online marketing campaigns and save you up to 90% of your time and up to 60% of your advertising budget.

Bespoke messaging, better results

Wave identifies the right people, provides the right message and selects the right touch points. Candidates for specific events or products are determined according to their interests and habits. The Taste Cluster technology suggests keywords for the advertising message that addresses these interests and stimulates a purchase. The ads are placed where the selected person likes to be and is receptive to information.

Campaigns created with Wave are perfect to promote lower-demand events and increase their attendance. For every concert, show, play or games there is an interested audience, you just need to target it. Wave can therefore not only rely on your existing customers but also increase your new customer share substantially.