Win back
your audiences

Getting audiences back to concerts, shows and games in COVID-times is hard. To bring people back into the habit, promoters need to address the reasons those fans bought tickets in the first place.

Reactivate your audiences

Rekindle the passion for live

Research shows that many fans lost the habit of buying tickets and visiting concerts and shows due to the pandemic.
To get them back, promoters need to rekindle their passion for live events with personalisation of every touchpoint.

Remind your audiences how great live experiences are! They loved it, but forgot about it. Ignite the fire again and they will come back.

FD LIGHTHOUSE enables promoters to tailor every email, website visit or call to the personal interest of each fan.

20% higher sales

Reach the most engaged supporters - every time

There is an audience for every show, concert or game. The challenge for promoters is identifying interested people and understand what message it needs to convince them to buy a ticket.

FD WAVE enables promoters to reach interested audiences for every concert, show or game with personal messages.

Take the guesswork out of defining budget, channel and message.

Marketing automation

Automate campaign planning, setup and optimisation

Running dozens of campaigns for individual concerts and shows on different platforms and channels quickly stretches marketing managers in the best teams.

FD CAMPAIGN AUTOMATION supports marketing teams by automating campaign planning, setup, optimisation and reporting.
Let your marketing team focus on crafting unique content and messages while
future demand takes care of all the rest.

FD CAMPAIGN AUTOMATION increases efficiency of marketing teams by up to 10x.

Demand Prediction

Make planning decisions with certainty

Know attendance figures for each event up to 24 months in advance to make better decisions. future demand supports data-driven decisions at the planning stage. Get accurate predictions of how many visitors will buy each of your events.

Optimise your touring schedule by evaluating different dates, venues, regions or support acts - all before committing.

FD LOOKOUT enables you to try out as many options as you want, without any effort at all.

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