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Discover three cutting-edge applications designed to transform your customer connections. Gain data-driven insights and streamline your marketing efforts with a single, user-friendly software suite.

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Predict demand well in advance

Which cities, which venues, which dates, which support act? The optimal tour depends on an almost unmanageable number of variables.

Lookout automatically forecasts the capacity utilisation of all conceivable combinations up to two years in advance and with 90% accuracy - and enables you to choose the perfect tour planning from countless options.

Is putting on events ever without risk? Of course not. But the risk should be measurable, and based on facts and figures, not on hopes or habits.


Revolutionize social media campaigns

Wave develops highly efficient, fully automated marketing campaigns. It identifies and targets interested audiences with the appropriate message, enabling highly targeted utilisation increases of 20% or more.

Wave recommends the budget, time period and duration and provides the relevant topics for your message. Launch a campaign in under 15 minutes and let Future Demand take care of the setup, optimisation and monitoring of ongoing campaigns.


Automate customer segmentation

Backhaul is the easy and efficient way to run email marketing campaigns. Send customised messages, foster a persisting bond to customers and win back your audience repeatedly through continuous engagement.

Packages that align with your goals

Our pricing model takes into account yearly ticketing volume and your goals.

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FD Select

Best for targeted use
per month, billed annually, excl. tax
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For those having a high ticket sales volume
Included Applications
  • Lookout
  • Wave
  • Automated campaign evaluation
  • Data import options
  • Virtual onboarding
  • Min 1 user included

FD Professional

Best for extensive use and full automation
per month, billed annually, excl. tax
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For those having a high ticket sales volume
Included Applications
  • Lookout
  • Backhaul
  • Wave
  • Everything from FD Select +
  • Automated data import
  • Quarterly review sessions
  • Min 2 users included

Taste Cluster for everything?Try Prisma!

Want to market more than just events on social media? Prisma is a new app that brings all the power of automation and AI to other use cases.

We simplify the complex, empowering you to focus on crafting exceptional moments. Join a journey where innovation and seamless execution converge, redefining the way you achieve success.

We have been using Future Demand as a campaign tool for social ads for over two months and are very satisfied with the results so far. The support is always easy to reach, extremely nice and helpful!

Lina-Luzie Hemmer
Marketing @ Schmidts Tivoli

Thanks to the comprehensive and responsive support, our Future Demand campaigns are becoming better and more routine. The use of the software is intuitive and efficient thanks to its integration with our existing systems. We have already achieved some great results with Future Demand.

Anne-Kathrin Topp
Managing Director @ J.S. Bach St. Gallen AG

The Future Demand app allows us to make surprisingly accurate predictions about the attendance trends of our events. Campaigns can be created with little effort and tailored to specific audiences. The tool is easy to use and the support is impeccable.

Bettina Jaggi
Head of Marketing & digital Development @ Lucerne Festival

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