Better personalisation. More relevance. Greater loyalty.
Lighthouse increases sales through personalised communication and recommendations on various customer touch points. Personalised recommendations raises engagement of users and fans.
A live-entertainment concert viewed from the audience


Increased avg session length


Increased pages per session


Lower bounce rate


No one wants offers based on the "bad taste“ and preferences of others. Our recommendations feel like they come from your best friend.


Using a service or website should feel personal from the first minute. After a few clicks, the service is accessible to every visitor.


Future Demand uses the same methodology as Netflix. It has been refined over thousands of hours to meet the specific needs of live entertainment and sports.

User recognition

Lighthouse recognises users based on their previous website or app visits. The personal interests and preferences are identified by the usage behaviour of the customer. If the user is new, a few questions replace the automatic recognition.

Taste Cluster matching

After four to five questions the interest of the user can be assessed properly and matched with the existing Taste Clusters - fully automatically and done in a split second. He or she is assigned to the Taste Clusters that most likely represent his or her taste and motivation to attend an event.

Tailored recommendation

Based on the customer insights, Lighthouse personalises the offer for every Taste Cluster, on the website, in the app, or in newsletters. Every user feels personally addressed by individual event recommendations or product offerings.

Tailored content for every user

Looking to optimise your customers’ visits to your website and apps? Lighthouse observes customers’ usage behaviour and uses this information to identify their interests and preferences.

Accordingly, your homepage will be tailored to each visitor so that everyone feels personally addressed. The same applies to newsletter offers, which can be individually adapted, and automatically distributed. For each of your users’ subsequent visits, the system will recognise and treat them according to the knowledge gained on their interests.

Stronger loyalty through personalised content

Adapt digital experiences to the behaviour and interests of your users by offering event recommendations or streaming content within your app or website. With personalised content, you increase customer loyalty and activate upselling potential.

Why should you offer tickets for a basketball game to a football fan? Personalised recommendations are essentially a tailored artificial reduction of the offer. This facilitates your customers’ decision making and is proven to increase conversion rates and helps you sell more tickets.