Let audiences become fans

Five complementary features take your marketing to the next level. Explore the full range of Future Demand’s tools and leverage them to your advantage.

Topic Recommendations

Oh, that’s my favourite artist

Based on Future Demand’s unique Taste Cluster technology, our software supports you in delivering relevant content to your audiences. Exactly tailored marketing campaigns for events, products and more can be easily set up on the Future Demand platform.

The keyword recommendations for the message are aligned with the specific interests of the target group to ensure that you always stay top-of-mind with your communication.

Interest Targeting

Straight into the heart

Identifying the right people to target is often half of the deal for successful marketing campaigns. Targeting based on interests is far superior to using socio-demographic or other characteristics for the clustering.

Detecting and communicating what people are really interested in and what motivates them to visit a concert, show or a game will increase your audience scope significantly and ensure that your messages are relevant and lead to the desired outcome.

Campaign Optimisation

Always pushing for more

Once your campaigns are set up and running, there is no reason for us to even think about leaning back and just hoping the best. Our algorithms are constantly evaluating the performance of your ads and trigger necessary tweaks automatically.

Leveraging every possibility enables Future Demand to deliver results that are more than twice as efficient as the performance of conventional tracking-based performance marketing campaigns.

Magic Campaign Setup

Ads ready in minutes

Setting up campaigns is nowhere easier than on the Future Demand platform and costs less then 15 minutes of your time. The most promising budget and Taste Cluster are already recommended automatically for you. Keywords that will catch the interests of your target groups are provided for the communication.

All you must do is write a short message and complement the campaign before the software takes over and publishes it on the appropriate channel(s).

CRM Automation

Email marketing easier than ever

Taking care of your customers can be a tricky and time-consuming thing. Future Demand uses the power of artificial intelligence to bring your E-Mail marketing to the next level.

Our approach ensures that you no longer need to filter elaborately through your customer lists but have the right audience for your communication just a click away – all automated by the Future Demand platform.

A sports arena from the bird perspective

Sponsorship Activation

Inspire sponsors with digital activation campaigns

Grant your partners access to the unique benefits of the future demand platform. Attract and retain sponsors by offering digital activation campaigns based on your Taste Clusters.

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